The ECM albino project was introduced in December 2009, It all started with a seminar about albinism, this was done by then the International Director,  Mama Lorella and a team from the US. Since that time a number of about 60 albinos have benefited from the program. They receive sunblock lotion, Sun glasses, Education for some children through sponsorship programs, Reading glasses, hats, Basic needs, Counseling, Albino teachings to the families and communities about the issues of albinism.

Albino Teachings through the Radio Talk Shows and TV

ECM has had 14 radio talk shows on radio through Mama Fm Radio Station, different albino children and their parents have had a chance to share their experiences and encourage the public to love the albino people because each one of them is made in the image of God. ECM has had 2 TV shows on Salt TV and Salam TV, in an effort to continue educating the masses about the issues of albinism.

Albino Teachings in Schools:

ECM has conducted albino teachings to 3 different schools; Victory Nursery and Primary School, Gayaza Parents Primary School in Gayaza and Kito Primary School in Bweyogerere. The aim is to educate the masses about the issues of albinism. We hope to continue with this program and help the young and old generations to understand the issues of albinism, since their population is increasing.

Reading glasses:

10 albino children were taken to Mengo hospital last year; they had their eyes tested and received reading glasses. They are very grateful to ECM together with their families. The reading glasses are very expensive for an ordinary parent.


The first case was discovered and handled in Lwengo District, December 2009, where a child by the names of Resty Nakirijja was rescued from the bush tied in a sack, the child was suffocating and in the bush, it was a herdsman who heard her screams and called the villagers. The child was presented to the Police in Kinoni and then to the clinic/ hospital. During that time is when ECM learnt about that case and work begun. When the story of the child and the foster family was presented to the ECM International office because of its vulnerability, the international office decided to open up a project in the area so that other vulnerable children and families would benefit from the program. That was the birth of the Lwengo project.

In January 2010, the child was presented to Masaka Hospital for proper medication and management. The child received physiotherapy treatment and a CP chair was recommended due to her cerebral palsy. That whole year, the child received nutritional rehabilitation; she gained some strength and still lives today.

Another child was discovered in Kabimbiri in Mukono district, the child was an albino but with other disabilities. The child’s case was difficult for the family members. They used to lock up the child, as they went about with the daily activities. When ECM learnt about the case, the child was taken to Katalemwa Cheshire home for physiotherapy medication and a walker was given. ECM managed to get a vacancy in one school and paid fees, so that he would stay in the company of other children as the family members went about their daily activities. ECM has offered diapers to the child over the years and nutritional rehabilitation and counseling. This child is called Beckam Kinaalwa.

Since August 2016, ECM has put a lot of emphasis on the children with special needs and a number of them have benefited from the program. Some children have received medication, physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation, Nutritional rehabilitation, wheel chairs, home management items like pampers cloths and detergents, a lot of counseling to the family members and prayers.