Gayaza project Started in 2008 with full program of Sponsoring children and the program is still running.In gayaza project we have three categories of Sponsored Children;Orphans,albinos and Children with HIV,those Children they are all Sponsored.Since 2008 Children of Gayaza project was been doing so many activities like bible teachings,counseling and guidance plus cookery but in 2016 we come out with an proposal of Shoe making and tailoring,we get some support from Sponsors for the start,we bought some machines,

We get trainers but we decided this after seeing that Some Children drop out from School and those who managed to push up to higher level they also need these Skill in their future addition to education, which can help them to earn a living and also they can manage to create their own jobs.lucky enough most of the Children have captured these skill smartly and they can teach others who are still learning.

Our aim is to see that all Children have learnt perfectly and it can also help our project to grow bigger like when we manage to get enough fabrics and more machines which make different designs for both clothes and shoes it can help us to make standard  products,and we put them on market but we still have that challenge of fabrics and machines because the quality one are too expensive, so we get cheaper one but the demand is low.we  still stand firm with Gods help. because we put God in first position then other things follows.That is all from Gayaza project.