ECM Karamoja Kampala project works with the street, needy children and the women based in kisenyi and katwe communities.

One of our major programs is sponsorship; we recruit Karamojongs street children, rehabilitate and take them to boarding schools. The project takes care of all the basic needs of the children including clothing, scholastic materials, school fees and school requirements and many more others.

Our major activities include Saturday clubs, which we conduct at school where the children study. In our Saturday clubs we have Bible lessons, we also do counseling and guidance with the children like moral behaviors, hygiene and sanitation among others.

We do have community visits where we carryout women’s club in katwe and kisenyi communities.  We teach them about the Bible, counseling and guidance and also do community sensitization on different aspects like child abuse, hygiene and sanitation, Child and human trafficking, parenting among others and we engage the women in participation.

In addition to that we do community rescue work to karamojong children through giving them first aid and  taking them to the hospitals which includes  paying treatment bills

We also participate during the celebrations of the International day of the street children every year where by the children get chance to meet different kinds of children, associate with them and share their stories.

We also engage ourselves in meetings with other stake holders when we are invited in order to share and get more different ideas on how to run the projects and how to deal with children.