Kyengera project started with four Albino children from one family which had shifted from Mubende District to Kyengera Mugongo and they were joined by one little girl called Namusisi Nansereko Hadijjah. After some time, these four Albino children were dropped out by their Biological Mother who had different ambitions from ECM and shifted to unidentified area. From here, were given an opportunity to replace another five children in order to make the total number of six children where we have four (4) girls and two (2) boys up to date. These children were chosen from critically poor conditioned families with different problems that is to say:

  1. Some were orphans who lost their parents.
  2. Others were irritate who had missed a chance of going to school due lack of school fees by their parents and guardians.
  3. We also had disabled girl by names of Naluwuge Stella even though she was transferred to another project again under ECM deals with Albinism and Disabled.

With its merciful heart, these were the ambitions/aims of ECM to the forgotten children in this project,

  • Paying for them school fees and all school requirements.
  • Organizing Saturday clubs for Bible lessons, Revisions and Art and craft work.
  • Providing medication facilities to them.
  • Family visits include providing for them food stuff for home consumption.
  • Lastly school visits to all our sponsored children in order to monitor their performances and attendances and others.

These ideas developed positive changes among children together with their family and society inclusive in this way.

Children who didn’t know how to read and write at this time can read and write and two of the six sponsored children are in secondary levels of education.

Children who didn’t know good news about our Lord Jesus Christ at this time know him and interestingly can read Bibles and even record Memory Verses.

At least at this time if project children get sick can be taken to Clinics and Pharmacies for medication which wasn’t there before.

Kyengera sponsored children have also changed their behaviors through counselling and guidance lessons given to them during Saturday club and many more.

Credits have to be given back to ECM for its ideas to Kyengera project.

We thank the Almighty God for the great gift of Every Child Ministries to Kyengera Mugongo area. This has been shown through different activities being performed by both Sponsored children from this project. These are some of different activities performed by children in our project.

  • First of all ECM Kyengera project consider Almighty God to be the first in each and every thing done, we make sure that we teach children about Jesus and his ways through Bible lessons carried out by Project Coordinator and some of the elder children in project during Saturday clubs. This is done because fear of God is the beginning of wisdom to us and our children.
  • Revision is another activity done in Kyengera project, this is also supposed to be led by either project coordinator, volunteer or their fellow children in upper classes in their weak subjects. This is done to improve on the performances of our sponsored children and by the time of examinations
  • Counselling and Guidance is an activity done to Kyengera project sponsored, this is done to keep our sponsored children well behaved both at their societies and at school because we truly know that this will always keep their future bright and this is done by either project coordinator or his volunteer.
  • Physical Exercise is another activity carried out by ECM Kyengera project, this is so because is one way how to fight against diseases and to improve skills among our sponsored children that is to say in playing football. This involves jumping, praying football and netball with other children since our clubs are organized at a certain school called Kyengera Mugongo Primary school.
  • Singing and Dancing is an activity performed by our sponsored children in Kyengera project. This is so because we really know that it promotes and improves on the different talents of our children here I can mention Namusisi Hdijjah and Namuchwe Sharon as they were seen in one of the photos this is done especially in holidays when some of them are around.
  • Lastly is Art and Craft (Bead work) is another activity done by Kyengera project children, this involves making small and big wallets and big hand bags out of beads and gauze wires. We did this in order to improve on life skills of our children both sponsored and non-sponsored and not only that but we also that this can also increase on their personal and home income after selling finished products to market. I conclude by thanking International Office, Sponsors and Donors for this opportunity you provided to these children and their families. They always pray for you so that Almighty Lord always reward you abundant for your caring hearts and tireless work you always do to their children in Kyengera Mugongo area.