Every Child Ministries (ECM) offers new hope to the children of Africa by showing them the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways and working to enhance their total well-being physically, spiritually and socially. ECM encourages and empowers African churches to teach the youth.

• To cater for disadvantaged and marginalized people in our society, especially children, mothers, orphans and any other group that may be socially marginalized.
• Establish and promote programs of primary health care and the general welfare of the people.
• Conduct and /or distribute relief supplies to needy communities
• Cooperate with government and local agencies in rescuing children from dangerous and desperate situations in order to restore them to their families.
• Assist children to obtain the best education possible in preparation for a life of service to God and humanity.
ECM Vision

We believe that children are the Africa’s greatest resource, a precious treasure from God, we work towards an Africa where children, created in the image of God, live lives of hope and dignity.
ECM Mission

To offer hope, practical help, and dignity to African children and their families in the name of Jesus, with special emphasis on those who are broken or outcast for any reason – “the forgotten children of Africa.”

Our values

Accountability: We meet our obligation to ECM International, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors to use resources appropriately and ensure that programs will benefit the community.

Transparency: We make information fully available within the organization and with ECM-U beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors.

Sharing: We jointly use information, resources and good practices.

Solidarity: We unite amongst board, staff, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors with shared goals.

Collaboration: We work together with board, staff, beneficiaries, target groups, partners and donors and share ideas, knowledge, skills and resources.

Integrity: We act according to the values, beliefs and principles that we claim to hold.